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Great to see this Crunchbase piece on the rise of impact investing! It spurred a quick post of the things we’ve been thinking about at Marigold.

Improving social norms for all & reversing enviro degradation (the ‘who’ and ‘what’) has always seemed to be an executable thesis. As impact investors we are now the ‘cool kids’ invited to parties, so let’s be sure to work on our ‘how’ and ‘why’.

  • Let’s get the timing better understood. 

    Social & enviro change won’t happen within a 10 year closed end fund cycle. So…

  • Let’s alter our financial instruments & vehicles. 

    To make them better for all – not just the investor, but of course also the entrepreneur, entrepreneur’s employees, communities & clients… en route to changing financial systems and industries.

  • Let’s get that impact targeting & management stuff right. 

    Passive | reactive baseline reporting of meaningless output metrics is so passe.

  • Let’s not look for something (as investors) & not be that ourselves. 

    Holding entrepreneurs to a higher standard than we hold ourselves means talk without walk. While we’re at it, less talking, more listening.

Be clear on who we are & why we do what we do. It leads to People > Process > Outcomes.

The ‘what’ will be there (outcomes) if the ‘how’ (process) is sound & run by a compelling ‘why’ (amazing & amazingly focused people).

We don’t have any answers, just some percolating opinions, & every day we’re learning to better listen & ask questions.

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