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So far so much farther to travel

Marigold is now actively looking for early stage companies seeking financing!

What are we looking for? Our thesis is mapped out on our What We Do page in detail. The breadcrumb version looks a bit like this:

Systems change > social equity & prosperity > social norms shifts >
back underserved communities, sectors, biz models, people >
use alternative financing & best in class equity lenses >
integrated impact & operational KPIs & outcomes > generative returns

Marigold Capital welcomes Narinder Dhami

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Narinder Dhami to Marigold Capital as a Managing Partner. Narinder, a Canada Top 40 Under 40 2019 honouree, is a leader in social finance.  She has worked across sectors and silos, bringing depth, perspective, and rigor to her work in North America and the Global South. She joins Jonathan Hera, Founder and …

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Where to Markets: Themes, Sectors and Ideas to Invest In

WHERE TO MARKETS: A WEEK’S THOUGHTS AND REFLECTIONS I’ll admit I am not sure where we are headed. Some countries, counties and cities are testing rolling open market activities. Some have tried and have retrenched. All eyes are observing those who look to be doing things right. What I am encouraged by is that there may be less bipartisan bloviating …

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COVID-19 Early Stage Market Investing

Sometimes it’s necessary to let things be for a while. Problems, pain, frustration.  For the ability of the “why” to build, and not just the “how”. For solutions to float through our created fabrics with their porous membranes.  The power to play in the space between stimulus and response is incredible.  As families, communities, businesses and economies struggle, for those …

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Marigold Capital on Gender Lens Investing and Driving Collective Impact

Investing in solving for underlying problems, market failures and ways of building community, that’s something that we also need to do. so if we continue on the theme of investing in femetech and female reproduction and sexual health, there are many players of companies in this space, and in theory you can invest in them all and not solve problem. …

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Increasing Post COVID-19 Reflections

THOUGHTS ON WHERE WE MIGHT BE  HEADING AND WHY I will be posting slightly more focused thoughts over the next week. I’ve been trying to process a lot of thoughts and information in some of the following areas, and I look forward to sharing soon. Supply chain changes, private market investment activity and their effects, will be the first two …

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COVID-19: an impact investment context we needed to analyze power

THANKS ARIANA BERLIN Both of my girls love gymnastics. I do too. Earlier this week we were all practicing our handstands (I even got through a few handstand push-ups),  and I foolishly was practicing headstands as well. Sofia said I was still crooked. Sofia and Nadette have started to get used to doing their gymnastics through Facebook Live events that …

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Learning to Let It Be

LEARNING FROM THE BEATLES The concept of perfect hasn’t so much crept up as it has bonked me on the nose. Being comfortable with the unknown, the slower pace, the intertwined personal and professional… the pre-COVID-19 daily structures of “life” made this easy.  It is easy to convince oneself that “you’ve got this” when the going is good. It is …

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Lovely Day with Bill Withers – Place-Based Investing All Around Us

LOVELY DAY Today was better than yesterday. For all of us. Better sleep. Better teamwork. The girls are seemingly better. I’ve been thinking about the importance of small business – bricks and mortar, service-oriented, and scalable tech startups – a lot recently.  I think about how early stage segments of businesses will respond in private markets post-COVID-19 as funding and …

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Love in the Time of COVID-19

REFLECTION ETERNAL This week was more difficult for me than the past two. My morning routines were broken (I broke them). I read less. I slept less. I exercised less. I made poorer food choices and ate less of it.  As someone who has struggled with mental health all his life, as an introvert, and as someone with continued social …