BMeaningful Generosity: Marigold Spotlight

Today, the first true fall day in Toronto, was a great day for me. I spent most of my time meeting with and learning from some great people:

  • one of my favourite founders, Emily Mochizuki Lutyens (LegWorks)
  • one of my favourite funders, and long-time friend, Jory Cohen (Inspirit Foundation)
  • a colleague building a multi-node incubator  and fund model focused on changing gender dynamics in ICT
  • an emerging market SME operator / Canadian foundation investment committee member
  • an investor and a board member of a coop developing a new funding initiative

BMeaningful Support and Spotlight

In addition to the time spent with all the people above, I am excited to share a small profile on Marigold Capital, impact investing and gender lens investing that went live today from our friends at BMeaningful.

Amanda, thank you for your encouragement and generosity – especially now, but along the journey. I hope I can return the favours someday, and look forward to that day arriving.

Call to Action

Appreciate what you have and can offer. If it fits with what Marigold is looking for with its fall 2017 Impact Associates, get in touch with us soon. We want to meet you!

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