Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Policy Statement:

Diversity and Inclusion is a set of conscious practices that involve understanding, appreciating, and respecting unique qualities and experiences, in order to involve, empower, and respect all individuals, regardless of human differences. These practices are fundamental to Marigold Capital’s investment strategy, and intrinsic to our vision of a more equitable society. Diversity, equity and inclusion are inextricably linked to our identity as a firm, and sit at the core of every partnership, and investment. This policy outlines Marigold Capital’s commitment to create an inclusive and equitable work environment where each individual feels safe, confident and valued.

Marigold Capital understands that our employees don’t fit into neat diversity silos. As such, we ensure that our hiring and workplace practices do not tokenize marginalized individuals, but rather recognize and treat each person as a multi-dimensional individual with unique benefits and experience. We consciously work to create an environment that encourages authentic expression of self in order to achieve the highest professional impact.

Marigold Capital also acknowledges the implicit, unconscious biases interwoven into the structure of business operations and of society, including but not limited to, patriarchal hierarchies, racialization, heterosexism, socioeconomic inequalities, and barriers to accessibility for persons with a disability. As a management firm, we commit to continually explore and deconstruct these biases within our operations, through ongoing policy/process review using an Integrated Anti-Oppression Framework.

In conjunction with this policy, Marigold Capital has a strict Anti-Harassment Policy, which should be referenced in situations of intimidation, discrimination and/or harassment.


This policy applies to all current employees of Marigold Capital, including full-time, part-time, contract, permanent employees, or any individual carrying out business on behalf of Marigold Capital. It also applies to job applicants.

The policy applies to all work situations and interactions, including those at the place of work, while working from home/off-site, off-site meetings, training courses, business trips, and any other work-related functions or events.

The spirit of this policy will also be respected in all of Marigold Capital’s business interactions and decisions: as a partner, employer and community stakeholder. We will choose partners who align with, and are committed to living, these same values.


Diversity – The range of human differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values system, national origin, and political beliefs

Inclusion – The involvement, empowerment, respect and sense of belonging for all individuals, regardless of human differences

Equity – The fair and respectful treatment of all individuals, with recognition that not everybody requires the same treatment to succeed

Integrated Anti-Oppression Framework – A framework of analysis which seeks to uncover all the ways people can experience oppression and marginalization, mitigate the effects of oppression, and equalize power imbalance.

Our Diversity Initiatives:

Marigold Capital proactively champions inclusion via the following promises:

• Creating a working environment where there is dignity and respect for each and every employee, and any individual working with or carrying out business on behalf of Marigold Capital (Clients, Suppliers, Etc.)

• Identifying diversity issues by observing if a situation/structure has a different impact on a particular group, happens more frequently to a particular group, or is more difficult for a particular group to overcome

• Removing areas of implicit or unconscious bias in Marigold Capital’s policies and procedures via analysis through an integrated anti-oppression framework

• Maintaining transparency around our Diversity and Inclusion and Anti-Harassment policies and procedures, as a member of #MovingForward

• Regular review of company policies to ensure ongoing relevance and evolution of best practices in an ever-changing landscape
• Recognizing the impact of intersectionality and broader dimensions of identity and experience which include, but also extend beyond, the protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code

• Utilizing an approach to diversity and inclusion which is centered on ongoing learning, curiosity, open-mindedness, and a structured forum for employee feedback

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