Dawn of A New Day – According to Marigold Capital

The link below is a presentation I gave at the Royal Bank of Canada on my birthday in June, 2017. It was an honor to return on this date after my involvement in the formation of its Generator Fund and Social Finance Initiative.

While of course the entire deck is interesting and relevant, I’d like to call out slides 9-15 as crude elements of what is developing into Marigold’s reason for being and proto-investment thesis. I’ve placed other thesis elements on our website at the bottom of the Fund Management section as well.

Dawn of a New Day Deck 

It was a great opportunity to speak to my experiences and perspectives alongside friends and colleagues within the Canadian impact space – Jory Cohen (Inspirit Foundation), Toby Heaps (Corporate Knights), Adam Jagelewski (MaRS CII) and Trish Nixon (CoPower) – to an eager audience of young professionals looking for ways to incorporate greater impact opportunities into their work within their roles at the bank.

There is video of this social finance and impact investing RBC event. The team will post that as soon as we get it.

Call to Action

Since we are tinkerers and will continue to iterate, Marigold wants you to opine and challenge our suppositions. Tell us where are there biases and faulty logic? Where are there undervalued opportunities?

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