Love in the Time of COVID-19


This week was more difficult for me than the past two. My morning routines were broken (I broke them). I read less. I slept less. I exercised less. I made poorer food choices and ate less of it. 

As someone who has struggled with mental health all his life, as an introvert, and as someone with continued social anxiety, this week I’ve needed social connection more than ever

Have you said hello to strangers from your balcony or from a distance more than the past? Have you participated or been able to hear instruments played in your neighbourhood each evening at 7:30PM? Have you participated in helping others in need in some way – sharing bread or eggs? My girls, my partner, and I do and have. We feel better precisely because we’ve selfishly been able to take away some of our pain or create some of our happiness through helping others. 

My hope is that this serves as some purpose to any reader. I hope that the therapeutic effects I am receiving by writing can be matched by at least one of you reading. I realize I am sharing resources more than anything else, but this is a start. And, TBH, this may be more for me than anyone else. 

BTW – if you’re interested in any COVID-19 early stage financing/SME/business-related resources, please advise as we have curated them all. 


In no particular order I’d like to thank the following individuals. While they did not know it, they provided me a great deal of emotional and mental support on both personal and professional levels. Thank you to you all.

  1. Abby Slater (Marigold Capital)
  2. Garth Davis (New Market Funds)
  3. Lally Rementilla (Quantius)
  4. Suzanne Biegel (Gender Smart Investing Summit)
  5. Janelle Sobey (Riddl)
  6. Steve Petrerson (NSVF)
  7. Tracey Robertson (OTF)
  8. Anna Klimbovskaia (Diversio)
  9. Jory Cohen (Inspirit Foundation)
  10. Tasha Friedus and Amanda Levinson (NeedsList)
  11. Serge LeVert-Chiasson (Sarona Asset Management)
  12. Anne-Marie Levesque (FinDev Canada)
  13. Farah Chandani (MEDA)
  14. Lisbet Peeters (Volta Capital)
  15. Mark Halpren (FirstCFO)
  16. Marc Hull-Jacquin (Shelter Movers)
  17. Alison Nankivell and Stephanie Tadros (BDC)
  18. Ruth Shaber (Tara Health Foundation)
  19. Alison Pyott (Veris Wealth)
  20. Ed Vandenberg (Osler)
  21. Bill Young (SCP)
  22. Reena Vohra (World Vision)
  23. My entire Schulich School of Business MBA class

Cosmic Kids Yoga, Ripley’s Aquarium, Cincinnati Zoo, Crossfit for Kids, Kids Dance Party, Audible Children’s Stories, MANY museum tours, and of course a few movies helped a lot with our girls this week. 

  1. Principles (Dalio) – finished
  2. The Man Watching (Crothers) – nearly through
  3. Sum (Eagleman) – nearly through
  4. Expert Secrets (Brunson) – nearly through
  5. Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It (Ravikant) – just begun
  1. The Logic
  2. The Information
  3. Daily Stoic
  4. The Daily Dad 
  5. Cal Newport
  6. Marginal Revolution
  7. Morning Chalk Up
  1. Story Pirates 
  2. But Why 
  3. Barbell Shrugged
  4. Brute Strength
  5. Chasing Excellence
  6. Stuff You Should Know
  7. Jocko Podcast
  8. The Knowledge Project
  9. Lewis Howe
  10. Impact Theory
  1. 1RM low-bar back squat session
  2. 5RM conventional deadlift session
  3. 5RM snatch session
  4. Double unders and 36” box jumps session
  5. 4×10 single leg deadlifts with 2x 53lbs kettlebells
  6. Strict toes-to-bar drop sets
  7. 100 burpees
  8. 4x yoga with girls; 2x dance parties; 2x baths
  1. Mexican Institute of Sound
  2. Charles Bradley
  3. Quantic
  4. Ikebe Shakedown
  5. Q-Tip & ATCQ
  6. Darondo
  7. Shuggie Otis
  8. Mulatu Astatke
  9. Gil Scott-Heron
  10. El Michels Affair


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