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Lovely Day with Bill Withers – Place-Based Investing All Around Us


Today was better than yesterday. For all of us. Better sleep. Better teamwork. The girls are seemingly better.

I’ve been thinking about the importance of small business – bricks and mortar, service-oriented, and scalable tech startups – a lot recently. 

I think about how early stage segments of businesses will respond in private markets post-COVID-19 as funding and associated terms/conditions evolve. 

I think about sectors that will then be deemed obvious – mental health, sexual health and wellness, financial inclusion, local media, supply chain traceability/accountability to name a key few. 

I think about how diversity, equity and inclusion tools will no longer be bolt-on downside risk management requirements, but as essential conduits to (re)building communities. 

I wonder what community business associations and investor groups can do together to promote sustainable, integrated and flexible solutions for all community members. We’ve proven we can come together quickly to save small business or share eggs/pick up prescriptions. Does this mean we will recreate community ecosystems where global returns a bit more to local, and new/repurposed currencies, platforms and physical locations will proliferate as we share for greater than singular purpose? 

Place-based impact investors, this is our time to support as best we can with financing (grant and aligned capital), networks, biz-dev opps, government resources, policy updates…

Beyond biking with the girls, below are a few of the things that helped throughout the day. 


Cosmic Kids Yoga, Audible Children’s Stories: “The Mystwick School of Musicraft”.

Sofia’s online schooling begins tomorrow… eager to see how this goes.

  1. I set some intentions for the day – beginning last night of course. It helped immensely. Of course it did. This is what I always did in the past. Normal felt good. 
  2. I wonder if returning to normal will occur after this? I wonder if it is better or worse to return to our baseline habits? I feel as though it won’t be, but that might just be due to recency bias kicking in. I wonder if simplifying our decision-making through large scale life automation and passive selection will no longer be sexy or helpful. I am fully ignorant on this, but I wonder how helpful it truly is to shave a few seconds of time deciding on what to wear by having a closet full of the same hoodie. 
  3. If there is change, how long will it last (for me, our family, our communities, etc.) 
  1. Spring rolls
  2. Dark chocolate 
  3. Espresso
  1. The Man Watching (Crothers) – nearly through
  2. Sum (Eagleman) – nearly through
  3. Expert Secrets (Brunson) – nearly through
  4. Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It (Ravikant) – just begun
  5. VC: An American History (Nicholas) – just begun
  1. The Discourse
  2. Cal Newport
  3. Farnam Street
  4. Brain Pickings
  1. 50 burpees in 2 minutes 30 seconds (10x in 30 sec)
  2. 50 pushups
  3. 3×50 squat sets
    1. Pistols
    2. Kang
    3. Cossack
    4. Traditional
    5. Narrow foot
  4. 1RM front squat session (stopped at 225lbs with a bit left in tank)
  5. Vacuumed
  6. Sofia was able to do her first pullup without pain for the first time in about seven months. It was a great day!
  1. We’ve started the last three days with Bill WIthers’ “Lovely Day”. I think you might like to try.
  2. Stereolab
  3. Blackalicious

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