New Power Investing Forum

November 7, 2018 | 8.30am – 12.30pm | Gladstone Hotel Toronto



Marigold Capital has an ambitious – yet eminently achievable – goal: to create and practice a new kind of investment system by which everyone benefits.

Existing practices ask investors to choose between social impact and financial return, pushing those of us who seek to do good with our dollars to segregate our investments: “When I want to be pragmatic, I invest this way; when I want to be philanthropic, I invest that way.”

Our investing practice eliminates the need for that kind of thinking. It’s about more than applying a lens. It has to be, because impacts are limited by who is looking through the lens – their sightlines are distorted by their own biases. As a result, many smaller businesses with incredible resiliency and potential are being overlooked, and that leaves trillions of dollars of potential returns on the table.

At Marigold, we’re focused on changing the flow of capital in a way that provides prosperity and profit for all.

What does this look like?
  • We consider investments through a comprehensive series of lenses that consider gender, inclusion and diversity, as well as factors that deliver prosperity to all.
  • For the first time, undercapitalized, underrepresented and marginalized entrepreneurs are revealed.
  • Profitable businesses receiving funding to serve their clients and communities.
  • Vulnerable communities are supported and empowered.
  • As entrepreneurs achieve growth and greater success through investment, they are no longer “unseen.”
  • Now aware of the rich potential in these previously ignored businesses, investors are rewarded with greater choice – and, when they invest, with prosperity and profit.
  • With each investment, the distribution of capital becomes more equitable and more representative of society.
Why now?

The new kinds of investment we’re talking about are being encouraged by government at both the federal and provincial levels. Globally, the United Nations has laid out its six Principles of Responsible Investing, which, while voluntary, call on investment firms to act for the long-term good of society. Similarly, the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) highlight gender equality and other issues that impact investing has sought to address.

The concept of evolving from old power structures is gaining traction with the broader public, too. Witness the bestseller status of the book New Power: How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World – and How to Make It Work For You, by social activists Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms. Their articulation of this evolution very much aligns with our investing philosophies. Whereas traditional investing required little more than passive consumption – “Give us your money, wait for the financial return” – New Power Investing needs active collaboration from investors, and the payoff is not only financial, but also societal.

What role can I play?

We need your input and unique perspectives to help us shape this new system. We’ve invited a group of thought leaders, investors and community champions with diverse, thoughtful perspectives to help us shape the future of social change through our investment decisions and practices. Within this community lives the capacity to re-define and re-shape how we work together to build a financial sector that is equitable and just, while delivering prosperity to all.

Together, we’ll change more than how you invest. We’ll change the world.

AGENDA (details to follow)

8.00      Arrival, breakfast and networking

8.30      Welcome; Why This Forum, Why Now?                                       

8.45      Framing Our Dialogue for Today; Introduce the Big Questions

9.05      Naming Our Vision; Stating Our Assumptions

Small groups tackle the big questions identified at the start of the session, each led by a facilitator.

9.55   Break and mingle

10.10  Answering the Big Questions - Table Discussions by Topic

Participants choose a different question to tackle.

INDUSTRY: Holistic investing. How do we advance a financial sector or industry for the benefit of all, and in particular, marginalized populations through investment? How to increase our societal future value by holistically analyzing hidden opportunities, risks and challenging assumptions?

INSTRUMENTS: Influencing the structure of financial products. How could changing the way products are structured support undercapitalized founders? Are blended finance and blended benefits part of these products? What else? Within our toolkit, what else beyond the products themselves needs altering? What are the various roles required to influence this type of change?

PORTFOLIO: Investing for increased inclusivity. What is the best way to build, analyze and diagnose a portfolio while considering gender, race, accessibility, age, and other social identities - ultimately towards overall societal equality and financial prosperity?

DEAL: Data, evidence, trust, and intuition. How do we target, manage, measure and convey impact through both qualitative and quantitative approaches? Data and storytelling can each provide powerful perspectives on impact, how do we measure in an inclusive way?

11.45  Report Back from Tables & Discussion

    Groups, with their facilitators, share the top three themes or actions gleaned from their breakout discussions.

    12.20   Q&A, reflection and discussion, next steps and wrap-up

    12.30   Networking and cheese!

    SPEAKERS (updated regularly)

    Jan Campbell | Forum Facilitator

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer, StrategiSense Inc.

    Jan is a certified and accredited executive coach, facilitator/trainer, consultant and speaker. She has close to 20 years of experience partnering with thousands of leaders, staff teams, and boards in over 200 organizations globally to bring about transformative change. She launched StrategiSense Inc. in 2000 to provide strategy, leadership and organizational development services that include clarifying strategic intent and planning, organizational change management, governance development, leadership development and coaching, and team effectiveness.

    Jan is passionate about supporting leaders to express their talents and abilities to achieve individual and organizational results. She works with individuals to deepen the quality of thinking around challenges and organizational changes, clarify and align vision and values, and to define strategic goals and to support resilience: increasing engagement, communication, trust, productivity and overall impact.

    Danièle Henkel | Facilitator

    President, Danièle Henkel Inc.

    Danièle is a caring and capable businesswoman that managed to position her personal and entrepreneurial brand in Quebec. Her eponymous brands have helped pave the way to well-being and position “beauty in truth” as a new social norm in the business world. Danièle is a genuine person of influence who lends her voice to many causes that are dear to her. She focuses, among other things, on molding a stronger and outward-looking Quebec. A strong advocate for the promotion of women entrepreneurship in Quebec, she does not hesitate to finance, support, mentor and invest in businesses in which she believes in, as demonstrated during her five seasons on Quebec’s “Dans l’oeil du Dragon”.

    In hopes of a solid and well-trained succession — on human and economic levels — Danièle capitalizes on education. In addition to establishing her own medical cosmetic academy, she shares her knowledge by giving impactful conferences at home and abroad, notably in Europe and Africa. Danièle is a woman who transforms every challenge into professional and personal achievements. Resettlement, immigration, emancipation, her best-selling autobiography, has empowered several generations of proud and strong women. A mother of four and a family woman, Danièle manages her companies with the help of her children. While life has not always been easy for the intuitive entrepreneur, her obsession to create a softer, more caring world remains.

    In 2018, Danièle received the Medal of Honor of the Quebec National Assembly. She was named Knight of the National Order of Merit of the French Government last year.

    Devon Krainer | Facilitator

    Project Manager, Global Programs, MEDA

    Devon Krainer is a Project Manager at MEDA specializing in gender lens investing, blended finance, women’s economic empowerment, market systems and impact measurement. Having worked in seventeen countries globally, Devon has a wide range of experience delivering gender inclusive ESG technical assistance to companies and fund managers for sustainable economic growth. Notably, she is a co-author of MEDA's Gender Equality Management (GEM) Framework, a step-by-step manual for investors and capacity builders to enhance company growth and impact. Devon holds an honours bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Ivey Business School and a post graduate diploma in Social Innovation from University of Waterloo. She serves on several boards including a regional social services agency and renewable energy investment cooperative.

    Bill Young | Facilitator

    President, Social Capital Partners

    Prior to founding Social Capital Partners in 2001, Bill spent twenty years in the private sector leading high growth, entrepreneurial organizations. He was CEO of Hamilton Computers, a publicly traded company that grew from $15 million to $250 million under his leadership and was sold to GE Capital. Bill was also the CEO and subsequently the Chairman of Optel Communications Corp. (later Axxent). Bill began his career as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young and holds an Honours BA from the University of Toronto and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He currently sits on a variety of boards for social enterprises and community organizations, and is a member of the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance. In 2013, Bill was appointed as a member of the Order of Canada for his contributions to Canadian society and his innovative achievements as a social entrepreneur and philanthropist.



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