For the Auditory Processors

Marigold has appeared in several podcasts. Here they are, in one place. Bonus Marigold playlist at the end.

1/ While still with Grand Challenges Canada we outline our rudimentary understandings of gender lens investing with Criterion Institute.

2/ Marigold Capital’s talks development finance, #gendersmart investing, blended finance and solving for the SDGs.

EP 2: Gender Lens Investing with Nika Moeini of $7 Trillion Ideas.

3/ Marigold Capital talks with CanInnovate about venture capital, fundraising, being prepared, staying humble and demonstrating resilience.

4/Moneyball, royalties, blended finance & structured exits to best align investor & investee goals with David O’Leary and Kind Wealth.

No silver bullet, but tools to better align, objectives & timelines for all.


5/Marigold talks sexual and reproductive health and rights, menstrual health and equity, and femtech with Amanda Laird in our latest chat.

6/Ever thought about what music is playing in the background, foreground or underground at Marigold? What guides? What transposes? What bleeds sunshine against the canvas of the night? Well, here you go: Celestial Agriculture, with a heavy nod to Jorge Ben (O Filosofo).

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