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Increasing Post COVID-19 Reflections


I will be posting slightly more focused thoughts over the next week. I’ve been trying to process a lot of thoughts and information in some of the following areas, and I look forward to sharing soon.

Supply chain changes, private market investment activity and their effects, will be the first two topics that I dive in a bit more deeply.

Other topics that will connect with those above and all begin to appropriately value of systemic failures on a businesses entire chain and model:

  • Future of work: meritocracy, accountability, workflow and prioritization
  • Risk preparedness, mitigation, and management
  • Information ownership asymmetries and its use
    • Centralization of data and information usage and sharing, privacy rights
    • Decentralization of real-time data required for cities, counties, communities to apply local-context resources to modular and bottom-up solutions
    • How does physical retrenchment, likely increased nationalism, (hyper)localized value/information/supply chains interact with the AI, IoT, ML advancements that leverages centralized authoritarian big data capture?
  • Impact: will we use design thinking to holistically price downside and upside social impact to more appropriately price deals?
    • As we consider longer term hold periods
    • Less capital to cross the chasm
    • Will blended finance finally be demystified and used fully?
  • Time constructs
    • Short term perspectives change (for a time); do we better think through midterm to long term consequences. How long is this to last? How can we make it so?
    • If the above is successful, will this mean that optimistic projections of many sorts will be dampened?
  • Mental, emotional and physical health (including safety and well-being)
    • Will we revalue going out of the home?
    • Will this lead to us revaluing with whom we congregate and each choice we make about food, travel, large group gatherings of any sort?
    • Will we say no more easily and have it be understood by the recipient of the no?
    • Will social pressures change to stay away when important instead of coming near at any cost (including our own time, effort and interest)?
    • Will we eat more locally? More vegetarian? Consume less or more? How many of us are growing gardens that we’ll keep post COVID-19?
    • What will stay of video happy hours and gym classes and online learning and working from home… and what will these new “stay at home” normals do to our overall mental, emotional and physical health?
  1. VC: An American History (Nicholas) – early stages
    • Fascinating start thus far. The connections to whaling and early stage industrialization to VC from both financial and legal/structural aspects in the US. Oddly, a “page turner”.
  2. Awaken the Giant Within (Robbins) – early stages
  3. Expert Secrets (Brunson) – finished
    • Good for understanding sales funneling aspects related to webinars, e-commerce products and general storyboarding. Probably a little tone deaf for me (at least as I read during COVID-19, I am finding myself unable to handle much of a sales pitch)
  4. Private Market Texts I am reviewing for models, ratios and principles review/understanding
    1. CFA Level II – (Private) Equity Investments
    2. International Private Equity (Talmor & Vasvari)
    3. Venture Capital Valuation (Carver)
  1. First Round Capital – Founder’s Field Guide for Navigating the Crisis
  2. Liisbeth
  3. DealBook
Sofia Hang Snatch

Barbell Cycling Before a MetCon

  • My eldest daughter has put together a workout for us the past two days. After some solid lifting, we’ve then gone into 4x rounds of a circuit that includes:
    • 10 pushups
    • 10 DUs
    • 10 C&J | 10 Snatch Balance
    • 10 Hollow Rocks
    • Biking, sprinting or grapevines to finish off
    • What will today bring?
  • 400M runs – 5x @ 2:00 min 
  • DUs – 10x 25
  • Pause squat (bottom 3 sec) ladder to 265lbs
  • Started 8 week Olympic lifts cycle

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