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Since nobody wants to read [my] sh*t, I am working on a long and arduous path toward becoming an empath. Pity. Admiration. Laughter. Curiosity. Frustration. Any of these reactions you may have upon reading this would be on point. Nevertheless, I aim to progress. 

Eating the uncertainty and drinking the uncomfortable every day. To increase respect and decrease assumptions. To stand tall (beside, behind) for something and fall for less. To see. To listen. To understand. To progress for the (social finance and impact investing) community, family and self. 

It’s been a long time

You’ve not heard from Marigold in forever, and so I’d like to share some pretty exciting news. Marigold is now actively looking for early-stage companies seeking financing! What are we looking for? Our thesis is mapped out on our What We Do page in detail. The breadcrumb version looks like:

Systems change > social equity & prosperity > social norms shifts >  back underserved communities, sectors, biz models, people > use alternative financing & best in class equity lenses > integrated impact & operational KPIs & outcomes > generative returns

If you are (or know of) a company, founder, employee, community member that may be a fit and interested, Marigold would love to hear from you. Please share this or drop us a line.

While Marigold has used alternative financing and social equity lenses in our investment work for years (even prior to Marigold’s launch), these investment tools of opportunity and necessity are just becoming better known now. Advocating for and mobilizing the use of such tools has meant that in Marigold’s short history we have already travelled a long and winding road. 

We all know the perseverance and mental/emotional fortitude required to succeed. I wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for the numerous supports I’ve had throughout my life. Most pertinent, I’d like to thank the group of investors who have backed me and our shared collective vision as we reach our first close.

We have a new website (yay! and thank you Geek Unicorn). Specifically, I’d like to point out a few key elements I believe you’ll be interested in:

Our portfolio page highlights the investments we’ve made into The Discourse, NeedsList and Ulula. Please have a look at what these amazing companies are doing. 

We’ve posted our company policies (anti-oppression, pay equity, anti-harassment, D&I, anti-violence), which we’d love to see other companies adopting. These were developed with Erika MacLennan, with whom I went to B-school and spent time in Buenos Aires fighting swine flu. Thank you, Erika.

Additionally, we’ve shared our reports on D&I and assumptions/biases in impact investing and venture capital. Thank you to Zahra Ebrahim, Kofi Hope, P.K. Mutch and Abby Slater for these and of course so much more. 

Stay tuned for an announcement about our upcoming Power Lab series over the next few months, supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (thank you, Tracey Robertson) and DUCA impact lab (thank you, Keith Taylor). These will be facilitated once again by Kofi and Zahra, and will act as first principles understanding on which we need to reconceive our theories, systems and methods of investing. 

Transparency and accountability loops

Please do reach out to share your opportunities, challenges, thoughts. Keep me accountable. I can get in my own way (and yours), I know, but we’ve got so much to do with our alive time

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