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So far so much farther to travel

Marigold is now actively looking for early stage companies seeking financing!

What are we looking for? Our thesis is mapped out on our What We Do page in detail. The breadcrumb version looks a bit like this:

Systems change > social equity & prosperity > social norms shifts >
back underserved communities, sectors, biz models, people >
use alternative financing & best in class equity lenses >
integrated impact & operational KPIs & outcomes > generative returns

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Learning to Let It Be

LEARNING FROM THE BEATLES The concept of perfect hasn’t so much crept up as it has bonked me on the nose. Being comfortable with the unknown, the slower pace, the intertwined personal and professional… the pre-COVID-19 daily structures of “life” made this easy.  It is easy to convince oneself that “you’ve got this” when the going is good. It is …

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Let’s not trade it for anything

Thinking of You with Compassion, Courage and Composure First and foremost, our hearts go out to all those who have been and will be affected by COVID-19 — whether by illness, the isolation of preventative measures, or resulting personal and professional hardships. In this key moment in history, each of us is called on to do our part, to lead …

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Invest better. For good. Be happy & change the world.

Great to see this Crunchbase piece on the rise of impact investing! It spurred a quick post of the things we’ve been thinking about at Marigold. Improving social norms for all & reversing enviro degradation (the ‘who’ and ‘what’) has always seemed to be an executable thesis. As the ‘cool kid’ now invited to parties, let’s be sure to to …

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How to invest with a Gender Lens

MAINSTREAMING OF GENDER LENS INVESTING As an impact investor with a burgeoning interest in using a gender lens, I read with great interest the recently published joint BNY Mellon/United Nations Foundation “Return on Equality” report. While the report highlights some necessary considerations for investors concerned about gender inequities, I would posit that they are not sufficient. I suggest that a …