What we do

We invest in founders and companies that are tackling some of our biggest social challenges. Our approach applies a social and gender equity lens to our investment decisions and portfolio management and our funding is structured to be more sustainable and holistic than our VC colleagues.


Social and economic prosperity should be enjoyed by all citizens and communities and we are driving financial and social return for our investors, while radically reducing social and economic barriers by directing capital to: 

  • Underestimated and undervalued teams (women, BIPOC) 
  • Overlooked and niche markets in Health, Social Justice + Equity, and Ethical Supply Chain; and
  • Tech companies improving systems and infrastructure to better serve marginalized individuals and communities 

We envision a world with decreased gender-based violence and sexism, racial prejudice and xenophobia, class and status, and exploitative business practices. We dream of a possible future where economic prosperity is shared more equitably across all markets, citizens and communities. 


We look for companies that are capital efficient: those that hold on to their cash will last longer and spend less “frivolously” on growth acquisition strategies. They will hire and retain wisely and fairly. They are keenly aware of margins and changes in unit economics, appreciating revenue resiliency and not just cost savings. They are able to grow in part from organic growth (cash flow) and will often maintain a customer base with limited and understood (cohort) churn. They are better investment prospects, and there are far more of these than any unicorn, narwhal. Our fellow Canadian friend has called these companies Camels,8 and we believe that a slower-growth sustainable company is the path forward.